Asmanhouse -   Fine

William Asman TY
Having grown up in an artistic family. my father being a two dimensional artist, I became interested in working with two dimensional pictorial space at an early age.

Composition being my main concern, I break up the space into shapes and then find subject matter that fits, blending realism and design in a process I like to think of as a slow stream of consciousness.  

My colored ink drawings consist of ordering line, form and color to create the illusion of three dimensions without the use of perspective, being true to the surface I am working with.

The medium is archival ink on Strathmore acid-free illustration board.  

I use stpplling (dots) to define the forms.  To mute the colors and pull together the composition, I use an overall ink wash in a Zen-like way.  The end result I like to call "Pictorial Super Realism"

Currently I am going in a new direction, using the same technique, materials and starting point, but involving an interest in a way we all see and focus.

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